Verrückt: The Snail Farmer of Vienna 2015 Best Food Producer Profile

Vienna, Austria

Meet Andreas, who leaves a cushy tech job at IBM to resurrect the lost art of snail farming. Sustainable, efficient, and tasty, snail farming is a green alternative to mainstream meat.


Kevin Longa - Director, Producer & Writer
Steven Matthew Sterrett - Writing and Story Development
Reave Hoseman - 2nd Unit Camera
Barbara Cação - Principal Casting Director & Overseas Travel Advisor
Adrienn Bartek-Rhomberg - Casting Director & Overseas Travel Advisor
Verena Euticchio - Casting Director & Overseas Travel Advisor
Bene Steinle - Casting Director & Overseas Travel Advisor
Julia Fairbrother - Creative Consultant
Richard Cheung - 2nd Unit Office Set Location

Food Entrepreneurs and Interviewees
Andreas Gugumuck (Owner of Wiener Schnecke)
Christian Petz (Michelin-Starred Chef)
Rainer Pirker - Andreas' Former Boss, IBM Executive
Rene Detter - Andreas' Old Friend

Special Thanks: Weiner Schnecke, Digital Core Post Production, The Longa Family, Erwin Jung, Böhle Bistro, Vienna Unwrapped, Because You Are Hungry, Das Turm Restaurant, Merkur Markt, Stefan Trautsch, Michelle Kim

Music: "Otjánbird Pt. I" by Spheriá, “The Violent Bear it Away" by Moby, Courtesy of Moby Gratis, "Pezzo capriccioso, Op. 62" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Courtesy MusOpen, "Violin Concerto in D Major Op. 77" by Johannes Brahms, Courtesy MusOpen.


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