Under the Mango Tree

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We have big respect for Katrina and the team behind Under the Mango Tree – this story and the services the clinic provides are absolutely critical. Let’s support our community-based storytellers, folks. If you can help push them to the finish line with your support, please do! And as always, spread the word.

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Before David Abdulai reached the age of 10, he lost both parents and all ten siblings to poverty-related diseases. He survived the streets of Tamale, Ghana by scrounging in trash bins and sleeping in the dirt. With fierce determination, he put himself through high school and eventually graduated from medical school. He returned to Tamale to found Shekhinah Clinic in 1991. The following year, he launched a meals-on-wheels program that now feeds over 150 of the town’s destitute each day, most of whom suffer from mental illness. The program has created peace in the town and is just one of the programs at Shekhinah, which provides unconditionally free medical care to anyone who needs it, no questions asked.

Watch the video above to meet Dr. Abdulai and see the food program in action.

The clinic has limited access to resources, relying only on spontaneous donations from inspired visitors. Since the economy tanked, they receive fewer donations. The goal of this film is to create a lasting piece of media that can be used by multiple parties – the clinic, nonprofits, student activists, etc.  to tell the story of the clinic and inspire viewers to donate to its critical work. 

We’ve raised significant funds already and just need one extra push to get this project off the ground. We have traveled to Ghana and finished shooting the film, and now we’re ready for post-production – all the technical components that it takes to make this story shine.

The Director/Producer of Under the Mango Tree, Katrina Moore, was so inspired by Dr. Abdulai and the clinic staff that she has spent the past 1.5 years bringing this story to the screen. The goal is to edit the film to about 25 minutes to be used for the clinic’s fundraising and outreach efforts.

What We Need & What You Get

This film can make a huge difference to Shekhinah Clinic’s staff and patients. Storytelling is a powerful persuasion, and sharing the story of Dr. Abdulai and the clinic can unlock doors for funding and partnerships worldwide – partnerships that could sustain the clinic for generations to come. This story must be told, and we need $10,000 to get us over that last hump. The funds will be used to pay all of the talented and skilled people involved in finishing this film, and your contribution will get us there. For a film, even a short one, $10,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the millions poured into big-budget documentaries. 

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