School Ambassador Profile: Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis

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The Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis brings together the expertise of more than 70 UC Davis faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, graduate student researchers and undergraduate students to address big emerging issues related to food and farming sustainability.   We partner with farmers, ranchers, agribusiness, nonprofits, policymakers and local communities to ensure that our research and teaching respond to the needs of the people of California and the world.  ASI is working to create a more sustainable food system in several ways:


We nurture the next generation of leaders in agriculture through an innovative new undergraduate major in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, and we teach children and adults throughout various communities about food, nutrition and the environment.


We work with many partners on large-scale research endeavors on topics ranging from the sustainability of global supply chains, nutrient management and clean water in agricultural production, and access to markets for beginning and ethnic farmers.  Our research strives to ensure nutritious and accessible food, fertile soil, healthy communities and environments, and prosperous farms and ranches.


We work hard to ensure that research done at the university is widely communicated to our stakeholders, and prioritize our work based on the feedback we receive from stakeholders and partners.

ASI houses a number of projects including the UC Davis Student Farm, the UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, and the Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility.

More information on ASI at UC Davis and our various projects can be found at

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