Roll out the #greencarpet this Sunday

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Watching the Oscars next Sunday night? Our friends at Birchwood Cafe and Field Guide Inc in Minneapolis are having a “green carpet” screening of the Real Food Media Contest finalists before all the Oscars action kicks off. “What a great idea..,” we thought. (Minnesotans are full of great ideas.) If you want to host your own Oscars party – or are already going to one, let people know they can show up an hour early for some seriously inspiring short films. Cast your ballot for your favorites in food, farming and sustainability before you see how the Academy cast theirs for Hollywood’s red carpet revelers.


And the #NOMNOMination goes to…

What’s a list of nominees without showing some love to our favorites in food, cooking, eating, farming, recipe stand-ins, and all around culinary creations. Send a message to your favorite farmer, chef, potluck-er, or pot-licker!

@RealFoodFilms: “My #NOMNOMination goes to @alicewaters for donating cookbooks to share with those of you who love making messes in the kitchen!”


(And those of you who give shout-outs via a #NOMNOMination on twitter, facebook or instagram will be entered into a drawing to win one!)