Announcing: Organizing Toolkits

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been feeling all the feels as 2017 unfolds. Some of that takes the form of anxiety, frustration, and fear. But there’s also a tremendous amount of energy and desire to connect with one another and make meaningful change.

We at Real Food Media know that one of the best ways to feel better is through community—especially over a shared meal in good company. But to turn our collective energy into a force for positive change, we need to go one step further… we need to organize.

From backyard gardens to town halls across the country and beyond, one thing is certain: nothing is more powerful than people coming together to create the kind of world they want to see. To those of you out there making meaningful connections and taking concrete steps to change the systems that cause far too much suffering, we see you. If you’re feeling a new urgency to come together to protect your communities and create resilient food systems from the ground up, we’re with you

We’re working on a set of toolkits to do just that.

If you believe a more equitable, humane, just, healthy, and environmentally sustainable world is possible: Let’s get busy.



2017 Toolkit Themes

Taking on Big Soda: Public Policies for Public Health

Building Power with Food Workers

Tackling Climate Change Through Food





  • Curated selections from the Real Food Films team on the people, places and stories at the heart of each theme
  • Guiding questions to facilitate reflection and discussion
  • Tips for individuals and organizations interested in hosting their own event around these themes
  • Downloadable resources to share with your audience
  • Ideas for ways to organize in your own community for food system change

Supplemental resources and ideas for fun, hands-on activities that event hosts can tailor to specific audiences



  • Watch them yourself for some inspiration and education
  • Watch them with a group and discuss ideas for action
  • Organize a big event around them and mobilize as a community




who care about good food and want to dig deeper to understand how our food system works and how to make change happen

  • Food, health, labor and climate activists who are eager to organize their communities around concrete campaigns and actions
  • Students and educators looking for tools that combine learning with action, inside and outside of the classroom
  • Faith-based groups interested in fostering support for a healthy, just and sustainable food systems
  • Neighborhood associations and other local organizations looking for ways to strengthen community through informed engagement with food issues
  • Offices, unions and other workplace groups that want to facilitate conversation among co-workers about their place in the food system
  • Have something else in mind? The sky’s the limit! Toolkits will include materials accessible to people from diverse backgrounds and all levels of experience.

See our CALL FOR ENTRIES to submit a film that features the people, places and stories at the heart of this year’s themes.