Less than One Week! Entries due Jan 5, 2015 @ 12p PST

| Contest News

Dun, dun, dun: the deadline is fast approaching! Whether you’re excited to watch (like us) or putting your finishing touches on to submit, we’re excited to say we’ll have a new crop of submissions in just one more week.


Crossing off your checklist:

Now we know you’re not last-minute-types (ahem), but we did get an awful lot of submissions last year right under the deadline. Santa’s not the only one making lists and checking them twice – or, thrice. So, please bear with this friendly PSA reminder to check the list before submitting:


We’re happy to answer questions that come up, but we’d rather do it now than when you’re an hour away from deadline in panic mode. (And you probably would, too.) So, be sure you know what is expected and leave room for uploading time and possible glitches. Reach out with questions!