If You Think Eating Is A Political Act, Say Thanks To Francis Moore Lappé

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Our founder, Anna Lappé and her mom, Frances Moore Lappé spoke with Allison Aubrey of the Morning Edition for the NPR series Boundbreakers: People Who Make A Difference.

Check out this inspiring interview and the wonderful summary Allison Aubrey shares of the conversation.

Originally published on NPR’s Morning Edition series Boundbreakers: People Who Make A Difference
By Allison Aubrey

When Frances Moore Lappé wrote the best-selling Diet For A Small Planet back in 1971, she helped start a conversation about the social and environmental impacts of the foods we choose.

And, back then, what she had to say was revolutionary. Her idea that a plant-centered diet could be better for the planet — and our health — than a meat-centered diet was considered radical. “It was heresy,” Lappé told me during a recent interview.

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