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OUR LAND: a Symposium on Farmland Access in the 21st Century

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If the Real Food Contest finalist film OUR LAND resonated with you – here’s your chance to discuss the issues at the heart of farmland access today with leading voices in the field. A truly important event — not to be missed. If you’re in or near the Bay Area, see the full lineup of speakers and events throughout the weekend. The OUR LAND series is the comprehensive look into the real challenges and creative frontiers for new farmers, led by Severine v T Fleming and the Agrarian Trust.

OUR LAND: a Symposium on Farmland Access in the 21st Century

April 26 + 27, Berkeley CA

Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley and the David Brower Center


Agrarian Trust, a program of the Schumacher Center for New Economics, is pleased to announce the schedule for the 2014 Symposium on Farmland Access in the 21st Century: OUR LAND.

In the next 20 years, an estimated 400 million acres of farmland will change hands as 70% of current farmland owners retire. Meanwhile, entering farmers struggle to compete with non-farming landowners for access to prime farmland, particularly in peri-urban areas. This dilemma of farmland succession is shared by Greyhairs and Greenhorns alike, who all hope for a more sustainable and resilient farming future.

We will examine this imminent inflection point from historical, ecological and political economy perspectives, and address both practical and philosophical approaches to transition. With both national and international speakers joining to reflect on this topic, we expect a full room and a lively convening of stakeholders.

Speakers include:

  • Joel Salatin
  • Kathy Ruhf
  • Gary Nabhan
  • Gloria Robinson
  • Wes Jackson
  • Raj Patel
  • Gayle Mclaughlin
  • Anuradha Mittal
  • Elizabeth Henderson
  • Eric Holt Gimenez
  • Reggie Knox
  • Severine v T Fleming.



Through the lenses of history, ecology, political economy and direct experience, our speakers will address both practical and philosophical approaches to transition.  As a nation we face a landmark decision; we can lose our land to commodification, toxic monoculture and corporate concentration, or we can move this land into sustainable, regional food production with more farmers, more owners, more regional resilience.

Please join us on April 26 + 27 to join the conversation about farmland access and transition.

This event is presented in partnership with Chelsea Green Publishing, The David Brower Center, Berkeley Food Institute, California FarmLink and Roots of Change.

All lectures will be recorded as podcasts for farmers and others who cannot make it in person. To get the lectures, join the email list.

Read up on the event details and reserve your ticket today at 



Severine v T Fleming, Managing Co-Founder, Agrarian Trust

Kristen Loria, Events Coordinator, Agrarian Trust

office (at) agrariantrust (dot) org


Please join us. For event details and to reserve your ticket:

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