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Coalition of Immokalee Workers Launches Fair Food Label

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There is a trifecta of big food justice news happening today from our coalition (Coalition of Immokalee Workers), advisors (Sanjay Rawal, Director of Food Chains), and media partners (Food Day) – and we hope you’re as excited as we are.

Food Chains is joining in Food Day by working with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to officially launch their Fair Food Program Label.

The Coalition of Immokalee Workers and the Fair Food Standards Council have officially released a label to help shoppers identify which tomatoes come from ethical farms.


The label, designed by Pinkwater & Putman will be available to all grocery stores and restaurants that participate in the Fair Food Program. Participants in the Fair Food Program pay one more penny per pound when they buy Florida tomatoes to increase wages for farm workers. They also commit to a worker-created Code of Conduct to ensure safe working conditions and prevent forced labor, sexual harassment and child labor in the fields.

“We have waited nearly five years before revealing this label to the world today,” said Cruz Salucio of the CIW.  “Over those years, we have been doing the hard, day-by-day work of building the Fair Food Program in Florida’s fields — educating workers about their rights, investigating complaints, and identifying and eliminating bad actors and bad practices — so that today we can stand behind the fair conditions and effective monitoring process that this label represents.  We couldn’t be more proud of this label because it symbolizes the new day for workers in agriculture that we, as farmworkers and in partnership with consumers across the country, have fought so hard to make real,” said Cruz Salucio of the CIW.

Whole Foods will be the first member of the Fair Food Program to display the label in their stores, starting with the South Eastern Region.

Starting this month, the Fair Food Program Label will be available in select grocery stores and restaurants that participate in the Fair Food Program.  You can look for this label, which guarantees that the tomatoes you are buying are from farms participating in the Fair Food Program. Participating companies commit to pay one more penny per pound of tomatoes, which translates into better wages for workers.  Most importantly, these companies only purchase tomatoes from farms that ensure the basic human rights of the men and women in the fields, including the right to safe working conditions, to water and shade, and to work free of sexual violence and forced labor.

The label is the result of the Fair Food Program, which was created out of the success of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)’s Campaign for Fair Food. The founders of the CIW were recently honored with the Clinton Global Citizen Award, and presented the award by Eva Longoria.

Longoria has been a longtime supporter of farmworkers including the CIW and the Fair Food Program, and recently executive-produced a documentary film on their work, entitled Food Chains.

Food Chains follows the CIW as they peacefully protest large grocery store and fast food chains to call on them to join the Fair Food Program. There are currently 12 retail food giants participating in the program, including McDonald’s, Whole Foods, Subway, Chipotle, and Walmart. This is what it will take to bring humane living conditions and fair wages to the workers.

“The Fair Food Label is a historic moment for both consumers and for workers. In an era when there is so much interest in food, this label will allow consumers to know that the products it represents were picked by people treated well and paid fairly,” said Food Chains director and advisor to the Real Food Media Contest, Sanjay Rawal.

In support of the label launch, the filmmakers have released a sneak peak of the film, available here.

Food Chains, which stars Eva Longoria, Eric Schlosser, and members of the CIW, will open in theaters nationwide, distributed by Screen Media, on November 21,. It will also be released on iTunes on November 21st and VOD starting November 27, Thanksgiving Day, and in a Spanish language version.

Learn more about Food Chains and how to support Fair Food locally at and on Facebook and Twitter. 


View and download the Food Chains trailer:

Food Chains – Trailer from Screen Media Films on Vimeo.

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Study with Gustolab Institute Center for Food Studies

Announcing an exciting opportunity from Real Food Media Contest Ambassador, Gustolab Institute Center for Food Studies:



Looking for a place to do your Food Studies research project or (masters) thesis work?

Gustolab Institute Center for Food Studies is always looking for engaged and motivated graduate students. To apply, you should have finished your undergraduate studies, or you should be able to finish within a short time. Your background should be in Food Studies, Food Science, Environmental Studies, Economics, Political Science, Design and Critical Thinking, Food Education and Pedagogy, Urban and Community Planning, Communication and Media, Nutrition, Biology or related (food) areas. You will be part of one of our research groups that works within your area of interest. Graduate students from every part of the world are accepted.

This is a unique opportunity for students to display their talent within our field of research, on international research projects about Food Systems, Food Education and Pedagogy, Food Security and Food & Culture and to collaborate with some of our partners in the food field: FAO, BCFN Foundation, AMIExpo, SlowFood, Cerealia Festival, other U.S. University food-oriented research centers.



  • An international research and study environment
  • Individual supervision and mentoring
  • Modern facilities
  • Support, supervision, mentoring can be provided at distance (you can develop your research project in your country – we will help you and suggest how to collect your data, we will support you to organize your data, and we will work together on reporting your research results, and to give them visibility thanks to the collaboration with our academic and private partners)



We do not offer scholarships. We strongly believe in “collaborative and distance” work that is possible thanks to ICT technologies – so feel free to apply even if you don’t live and work in Rome. In addition, we help and support students and collaborators to apply for and obtain scholarships and grants (reference letter, research proposal, etc).


Gustolab is currently looking for:

Graduate students – specifically but not limited to Asia, Africa, South America and North America – with interest in food systems, methods for creating training for policy makers in the food field, educational assessments, urban and community planning, food security, food waste, sustainable agriculture, food design.


How to apply:

If you are interested in joining one of our research projects, contact our or write directly to the GL Institute Director, Dr. Sonia Massari at by August 31, 2014.



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COMMUNITY VOICES: Documentary Film Screening | Orange, CA

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Ambassador spotlight on the fantastic work coming out of Chapman University and the Community Voices program led by Sally Rubin. If you’re in the Orange / Anaheim / Los Angeles area — head on over to Dodge College for what is bound to be a meaningful night and an inspiring event.

“The power of documentary portraiture to convey the nuance and subtlety of human experience is undeniable. The Community Voices program offers our students the opportunity to explore this magic while simultaneously being of direct and impactful service to the causes they care about right here at home, in Orange County.”
– Sally Rubin


COMMUNITY VOICES Documentary Film Screening

Thursday, 5/12 at 7pm

Folino Theater, Dodge College


Community Voices is a social issue documentary film program that links Chapman University documentary film students with Orange-County based organizations. Each semester, groups of students produce short character-driven portrait films that highlight causes the partner organizations aim to serve. The films are then used in the outreach and fundraising campaigns of these organizations, and are distributed via PBS broadcast, online streaming, educational distributors, and festival release. Community Voices films have won numerous festival awards and accolades, and have been seen by tens of thousands of television viewers in Southern California. Please join us as we celebrate these students and partner organizations. The screening will be followed by a panel with the filmmakers and a reception featuring delicious, FREE food.


Screening Details:

Thursday, May 12th at 7pm
Dodge College
283 North Cypress Street, Orange, CA 92866
On street parking is available
No RSVP necessary
Contact with questions



Films include:


by Andrea Suleiman, Yvette Chou, and Nayobi Maldonado-Ochoa
Organization: Goodwill OC
This film tells the story of Roger, an Orange County resident who, plagued by bipolar disorder and a difficult past, struggles to overcome the demons that keep him from the satisfying, independent life of his dreams.



by Sarah Huffman, Matt Rogers, and Rachel Howell
Organization: Mental Health Association of Orange County
A homeless woman with an artistic gift tries to get her life back on track, in the face of many odds.



by Carmen Carrillo, Joey Fischground, and Nicholas McDonald
Organization: Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies
A high school junior crams for the SAT’s while trying to help raise her family, the fulfillment of her college dreams resting on the outcome of one exam.



by Marisol Diaz, Chris Denton, and Colin Arp
Organization: Old Orchard Conservancy
An Orange County activist fights to save the last orange orchard in the county from development.



by Casey Acaster, Sydney Guthrie, and Shaneika Lai
Organization: The Wyland Foundation
An Orange County activist fights to save the last orange orchard in the county from development.



by Michael Gutierrez and Megan McKeown
Organization: El Viento
As the United States rests on the cusp of substantial immigration reform, one young man considers whether or not to pursue the benefits behind the DREAM Act.

With many thanks to The Dhont Family Foundation for their generous support of the Community Voices initiative.


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Filmmaker Spotlight: Brendan Van Meter and Stephen Ritz of Green Bronx Machine

| Ambassadors, Contest News

Green Bronx Machine - Brendan Van Meter

Brendan Van Meter, Beaconhouse Media

Meet Brendan Van Meter and Stephen Ritz behind the 2014 1st Runner Up and People’s Choice Award Winner, Green Bronx Machine. The energy and passion the Green Bronx Machine sends out into the world is contagious. Read on for your dose of Green-Bronx-powered inspiration.


When did you first start making films? What is it about film that drew you?

Brendan: I’m a lifelong filmmaker. I started at home with my brother, Ryan, continued through Chaminade high school’s ETV program and on through college at RIT’s School of Film & Animation. Ryan introduced me to Diane Hatz in 2010 and along with lots of help from my team, I directed the video production for the first TEDxManhattan in 2011. This was probably my first introduction to the Food Movement and the catalyst to the growth of my company, Beaconhouse Media.


How did you learn about the project and people you highlighted in your film?

Brendan: I first learned about Stephen Ritz and Green Bronx Machine the same way lots of people learned about him: through the screen at TEDxManhattan 2012. The difference is that I could look over the top of my screen and see him jumping around the stage as he said things like “the biggest 6th grader you’ll ever meet.” He kept all my camera operators in constant motion and my focus had to stay on screen. Stephen received a standing ovation and we jokingly say it was love at first bite!



Stephen Ritz, Green Bronx Machine

When I saw the Urban Farming NYC and Welcome to Green Bronx Machine videos, I knew there was a local story of national importance worth telling in their words. Remarkably, our film is just a starting point. Since filming at that location, Stephen and his students have gone on to install BOTH indoor and outdoor academic learning gardens that have transformed the entire community; in fact, they’ve outfitted numerous schools across the Bronx and America! For them, it is all about the work and all in the delivery. The program is literally putting food on the table, putting people to work, inspiring students and teachers and changing destinies, lives and outcomes.

The fact that we won the People’s Choice Award speaks to the energy, enthusiasm and Amer-I-Can spirit that they are spreading. The mission and work of Green Bronx Machine are impacting people, schools and communities around the world while branding the Bronx and Stephen’s students in a unique way. It shows people moving up the food chain from consumers to producers! To see the interest and support speaks to a whole new reality and more importantly, entirely new possibilities for people and communities everywhere. Stephen is right when he says this is about growing citizens moving those who are “apart from” to becoming “a part of” in ways that benefit all of society. That was the story I was determined to share.

Robin Romano filmed the interview segments, but unfortunately passed away in November 2013. He was a documentary filmmaker, still photographer and a champion of human rights who was “recognized as a global expert on child labor and spoke frequently at conventions, conferences, and as a guest lecturer at universities.” Robin, Stephen and the boys actually became very close and enjoyed working together both in the studio and in the field. They had hoped to create a running series highlighting their work.

His passing was devastating to all of us. That we were able to incorporate his footage into this piece and create a film that was recognized and so well received is a fitting tribute.

Watch Green Bronx Machine:


What do you hope people walk away from your film thinking about?

Brendan: Stephen and his students are truly making a difference. Our film was a simple one: short takes from on the spot interviews while doing their work. It was in-the-moment with a message that anything is possible. Their movement, as local as local can get, was born in a classroom and with a simple desire to impact lives. It teaches us that folks anywhere and everywhere can be the solution.

Stephen’s enthusiasm for his work, his students and the improvement  and empowerment of his community is unparalleled and an inspiration to everyone. Food is a problem for so many people in our country and around the world. I hope more people will see how food can be a solution, how it can change lives and how it can change what sometimes seems like predetermined outcomes. I hope this inspires people to find, start or build up solutions in their community.

Stephen: We want people to walk away thinking about how they can get involved, how they can make a difference, how transformation is absolutely possible — and how it is up to individuals at the most local and granular levels to initiate and be the change they want to see in their lives. If all my students are willing and able, so should everyone else! We are the folks we’ve been waiting for! This movement, spirit and moment are replicable and the work is damn worthy!


What are the main themes you’re trying to bring to life in your film?

Brendan: Our themes are hope, optimism, people power, self-determination and change: that committed people have the ability to change their own and others lives. There is a joy to what Stephen and his students are doing; a spirit, a sense of resilience and endless resourcefulness. We wanted this film to be as authentic and genuine as possible – entirely unscripted; a slice of what they do and why. When Stephen says he is CEO – Chief Eternal Optimist – of Bronx County – he means it.

Stephen: Many folks look around and ask, “Why?” We believe, “Why not?” We believe that people should not have to leave their neighborhood to live, learn and earn in a better one – we’re taking ownership. This film shows that. We intended to represent “the real.” Our hope and goal is to inspire people to perspire and to aspire – that we will create an actionable moment for everyone, everywhere! We wanted to convey our positive insurgency and passion!


What inspires you?

Brendan: What inspires Stephen is the work, his students and his family – all of his family from his own to his extended student and community family. And he believes they are just getting started. His work, vision and mission are growing support that is absolutely inspiring to all of us! With that brings tremendous responsibility and commitment and they welcome that. It all starts with people and it all starts with planting seeds.

Stephen: I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve my community. Collectively we are working on a platform of collaboration and coalition to affect and effect changes top down and bottom up; locally, nationally and internationally. This is about cultivating minds and harvesting hope. Students who show up to school on a daily basis inspire me. Teachers who teach students that where they learn matters – regardless of zip code – inspire me. Parents who encourage students and read to them at night inspire me. People who encourage others to dream of life as it could be and should be inspire me. Veterans, senior citizens, volunteers, farmers, homesteaders, equity warriors – people who want to make a difference inspire me. Every single morning and every single breath inspires me! We’ve got work to do! How can we inspire you? 


What’s next for you – what other projects are in the works?

Brendan: We dream of a larger documentary and reality show documenting the growth and challenges of the students, program and possibilities. We’d love to film an updated short sharing what we’ve accomplished thus far, all based on the first film. Meanwhile Stephen speaks nationally and internationally looking to grow his work and impact working around his local school and work commitments. We are all excited about the Green Schools National Convention and Greenbuild 2014. I’m going to continue to work with Stephen Ritz and Green Bronx Machine to spread their mission. I will also continue working with Diane Hatz, TEDxManhattan & Change Food.

Stephen: We have several projects in the works: from building community gardens to building out schools – locally, across the country and abroad – to creating online and digital platforms to teach the technology and share best practices. I’m thrilled to be working with the US Green Building Council, Center for Green Schools and Green Schools National Network. Green Bronx Machine is soon to be featured in an Office Depot spot highlighting exemplar teachers and my work was recently featured in Katrina Fried’s Welcome Books Publication, American Teacher: Heroes in the Classroom highlighting top teachers in America.


How can people get involved?

Stephen: At the end of the day, this is about raising healthy children and healthy communities rooted in the absolute fact that it is easier to raise healthy children than to fix broken men. Youth who have access to one kind, caring and competent adult in their life are more likely to succeed. We urge you to be a kind, caring, competent, dedicated adult in a child’s life. Do something spectacular – you’ll feel better! Feel free to reach out to us at – we always have a project going on and there is always something to be done. We like to say Green Bronx Machine is coming to a city near you soon – we are!

We want to thank everyone who has and continues to support us – the love has been amazing. We congratulate and salute all the entrants for amazing work – collectively we watched and discussed every entry – we were truly inspired and therein lies the true victory for everybody. Continue to imagine and invent life as it could be and should be: Remember, together, we can all prosper!


Brendan and Stephen are based in the New York City area. Stay connected and follow their work at, and


logo_twitter_bird_18x13  @beaconhousmedia | @greenBXmachine

facebook_icon_email_footer  Beaconhouse Media | Green Bronx Machine

youtube_logo  Beaconhouse Media | Green Bronx Machine


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School Ambassador Profile: Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis

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The Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis brings together the expertise of more than 70 UC Davis faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows, graduate student researchers and undergraduate students to address big emerging issues related to food and farming sustainability.   We partner with farmers, ranchers, agribusiness, nonprofits, policymakers and local communities to ensure that our research and teaching respond to the needs of the people of California and the world.  ASI is working to create a more sustainable food system in several ways:


We nurture the next generation of leaders in agriculture through an innovative new undergraduate major in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, and we teach children and adults throughout various communities about food, nutrition and the environment.


We work with many partners on large-scale research endeavors on topics ranging from the sustainability of global supply chains, nutrient management and clean water in agricultural production, and access to markets for beginning and ethnic farmers.  Our research strives to ensure nutritious and accessible food, fertile soil, healthy communities and environments, and prosperous farms and ranches.


We work hard to ensure that research done at the university is widely communicated to our stakeholders, and prioritize our work based on the feedback we receive from stakeholders and partners.

ASI houses a number of projects including the UC Davis Student Farm, the UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program, and the Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility.

More information on ASI at UC Davis and our various projects can be found at

For a complete list of School Ambassadors, click hereIf you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email us.

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School Ambassador Profile: Cornell Performing & Media Arts

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Cornell University’s Department of Performing and Media Arts is housed within the elegant Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts. A regionally recognized cultural facility, the Schwartz Center’s marble walls encompass all the elements needed for teaching and performance in theatre, film and dance: four performance spaces; dance and theatre rehearsal studios; scenery, costume and prop shops; sound and lighting design studios; and state of the art film editing and production suites.

The Schwartz Center serves as a catalyst for the creative and intellectual endeavors of the many talented students, faculty and staff at Cornell. Students with varied interests—in criticism, film production, theatre, acting, directing, theatre and media history, screenwriting, dancing, film, media, sound design, lighting, costumes, multimedia work or international media and theatre work—can all find courses, productions, events, clubs and organizations, competitions and special opportunities at the Schwartz Center.

All of the department’s activities build on a commitment to diversity and collaboration across all areas of the department, as well as across Cornell and the broader community. Also part of the department is Cornell Cinema, which has been cited as one of the best campus film exhibition programs in the country, screening close to 150 different films/videos each year, five nights a week in the beautiful Willard Straight Theatre. Each calendar includes an array of classic Hollywood and foreign films, independent titles, documentaries, experimental work, recent International cinema, silent films with live musical accompaniment, cult classics and recent Hollywood and arthouse hits, in addition to guest appearances by visiting filmmakers and faculty.

Follow Cornell Schwartz Center and Performing & Media Arts on Facebook or twitter for latest news and events and check out the new YouTube channel for a glimpse into the Cornell lens:


For a complete list of School Ambassadors, click hereIf you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email us.

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School Ambassador Profile: Cornell Small Farms Program

| Ambassadors

The Cornell Small Farms Program serves as a clearinghouse and sounding board for small farms across the Northeast, producing new publications to address information gaps, and fostering collaborative teams to address hot-button issues. Their mission is to foster the sustainability of diverse, thriving small farms that contribute to food security, healthy rural communities, and the environment.

Read up on all your Small Farm News

The Cornell Small Farms Program publishes the Small Farm Quarterly magazine once each season, a monthly e-newsletter called the Small Farm Update, and regularly updates resources and events on their website.

Since 2007, they’ve been heading up the Northeast Beginning Farmer Project, which offers:

• a menu of 6-week online courses on topics ranging from business management to production
• self-paced tutorials to help aspiring farmers create the foundation for a business plan
• connection for new farmers to a Northeast-wide network of organizations serving beginning farmers
• instructional videos of successful farmers’ production techniques and business advice:



CSFP_logo_v3a_windmill_chixNewBFLogo4 26 11 copy

Link up with Cornell Small Farms Program and Northeast Beginning Farmer Project on Facebook

For a complete list of School Ambassadors, click hereIf you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email us.

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School Ambassador Profile: Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future

| Ambassadors

Founded in 1996, the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future is an interdisciplinary academic center dedicated to conducting research, educating students from all walks of life, and taking action based on evidence. Based within the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Center works with faculty, staff, and students throughout Johns Hopkins University to harness the expertise available in a wide range of disciplines and collaborations.

A leader in research, education, policy, and advocacy, the Center serves as a critical resource for advocates, policymakers, educators and students. Its core programs integrate research, policy, education and outreach in four areas as they relate specifically to public health: food production, food communities, food system sustainability, and food system policy. The Center’s work is driven by the certainty that we must understand the connections among all four program areas.

Some of the Center’s highlights from 2013 include the release of the CLF study, Industrial Food Animal Production in America: Examining the Impact of the Pew Commission’s Priority Recommendations, the development of a Food Policy Network with food policy council expert Mark Winne, continued work on a demonstration Aquaponics Project, advances in our Maryland Food System Map, and the creation of a Food System Sustainability Practicum for graduate students.

For a complete list of School Ambassadors, click hereIf you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email us.

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School Ambassador Profile: Indiana University, Center for a Sustainable Future

| Ambassadors

The Center for a Sustainable Future is taking the lead role in further turning IU South Bend into the ideal green campus: one that has turned itself into a learning organization in which every person on campus understands the basic principles of sustainability and is putting them into practice one step at a time.

After implementing the first undergraduate minor in Sustainability Studies in the state of Indiana, the Center is starting courses in the Graduate Certificate in Strategic Sustainability Leadership as of January, 2014. A 5-course certificate, it is embedded in the Masters of Liberal Studies program for those wishing to pursue a Masters. It can also be taken as a stand-alone certificate. Evening classes, one of which is a sustainable food course, meet once a week.Since it’s establishment in 2008, the Center has developed new sustainability curriculum, facilitated research in sustainability, and fostered civic engagement through community participation. The Center strives to engage the campus and greater Michiana communities in creating a future focused on the “triple bottom line:” choices that are good for people and the planet, as well as profits, and that take into account ecological and social performance.

The Center’s You Tube channel is filled with fun student sustainability-oriented videos such as Recycling Cyclers and a series of three videos that offer an Introduction to Sustainability based on a popular workshop we deliver in our community and on campus.

In the area? Check out upcoming events with the Center for a Sustainable Future:

January 18, 2014: Earth Friendly Eating community event takes place at the main library in downtown South Bend. Featuring  networking, area resources, library resources, a keynote from the Soil And Water Conservation District, a panel discussion on area residents’ “Nutrition Evolution,” vendors, live music, and door prizes.

February 24, 2014Sustainability Lecture Event at IU South Bend. This event will be held in Schurz Library among the Lexicon display. The Lectures will be virtually presented and will feature Ron Finley & Pam Warhurst on The Future of Food and How We Can Eat Our Landscapes, respectively. Following the talks will be a live local panel discussing how the same approaches and philosophies are happening in Michiana. A reception and networking period will follow.

Saturday March 1, 2014: TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” live webcast and display of the Lexicon of Sustainability at the IUSB Schurz Library.

IUSB Sustainability web res-02

More Media:

The Center partners with local public TV station, WNIT, to produce a series of interviews on sustainability in the region. These “Talking Sustainability” pieces can be viewed via the Center’s news page. This past fall, two complete shows were produced focusing entirely on sustainability in action in Michiana. The Center for a Sustainable Future’s Assistant Director, Krista Bailey, also hosted an interview with a local car dealership working to go off grid:


For a complete list of School Ambassadors, click hereIf you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email us.

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School Ambassador Profile: Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability | UCLA

| Ambassadors


The Los Angeles Regional Collaborative for Climate Action and Sustainability is a consensus-based organization made up of regional members who are committed to working together to improve the climate change efforts and sustainability of the greater Los Angeles Region. The network is designed to encourage greater coordination and cooperation at the local and regional levels by bringing together leadership from government, the business community, academia, labor, environmental and community groups. Housed at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, the collaborative aims to share information, foster partnerships, and develop system-wide strategies to address climate change and promote a green economy through sustainable communities.

To see some of the many ways Los Angeles and LARC members highlight environmental issues in planning and analysis, or to read about solutions and local efforts, click to view reports below:


Are you in the Los Angeles area? Want to become a member of LARC? Check out their charter and get in touch about membership.


For a complete list of School Ambassadors, click hereIf you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email us.

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School Ambassador Profile: Chatham University

| Ambassadors


A holistic approach to food systems – from agriculture and food production to cuisines and consumption – provides intellectual and practical experience from field to table at Chatham University’s Masters of Arts in Food Studies. This unique interdisciplinary program is a natural fit for the Real Food Media Contest. One of the greatest attributes a food studies education can supply is an understanding of how food is grown, treated, harvested, sold, purchased, consumed, shared, and disposed of. Understanding of the impact it has on its suppliers, consumers, and environment. And understanding how it affects us all.

Food for Thought – Masters in Food Studies at Chatham University



For a complete list of School Ambassadors, click hereIf you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email us.

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School Ambassador Profile: Colorado College

| Ambassadors

Layout 1

Sustainability is at the intersection of much of the work – in theory and practice – that goes on at Colorado College. Located just north of downtown Colorado Springs, students get their hands dirty at the campus farm, learning sustainable and organic practices while building permaculture systems. Created in President’s backyard  in Spring 2008, produce from the 1.3 acre garden is sold to Bon Appétit, the college’s food services provider, and at local farmers’ markets. In addition to a wide variety of vegetables, the CC farmers raise apples, cherries, peaches, plums, and apricots in a small orchard, raspberries and blackberries, wildflowers, free-range chickens, and bees for honey.

Our Distinctive Place of Learning

Celestial Fields – The beginning of Colorado College Campus Farm


Colorado College is part of nationwide movement to incorporate sustainable agriculture into the education realm – in and out of the classroom. The Real Food Media Contest is proud to partner with Film and New Media Studies at Colorado College, an interdisciplinary program where students develop the critical framework necessary to interrogate the moving-images of contemporary culture and learn the practical skills necessary to make their own creative interventions in the media landscape. From the soil to the screen, Colorado College is creating platforms to build a sustainable future.

For more information about programs at the Colorado College Campus Farm, visit the group’s website.


For a complete list of School Ambassadors, click hereIf you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please email us.

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